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 Founded in 2021, Unforgettable Paws Animal Rescue is a registered Animal Rescue Service run by and for its members. Based in central Florida, we strive to be the voice of the lost paws everywhere. Our founders and volunteers work tirelessly to save lives and promote animal welfare. Our goal is to find forever homes for our fur companions who have have a rough go at life. We aim to achieve this goal through animal rescue, adoption, foster programs, and volunteer activities. We put forth a great focus towards increasing accessibly of pet related resources to the dog community. We strive to not only rescue dogs, but provide assistance to those in need. Our rescued paws come from shelters, owner surrenders, neglect cases, and networking. We strive to leave no paws left behind. 

what WE

As an all breed, all age animal rescue, our goal is to help as many paws as we can through and not just through adoption. We are connected with local dog professionals to provide resources for affordable yet quality training and veterinary care to pet owners in need. We are partnered with local businesses and other nonprofits around Central Florida for adoption events, donation drives, and mutt meet ups. Although we are an animal rescue, Unforgettable Paws also aims to aid our two legged friends too. We have a special place in our hearts for war veterans and individuals with autism and would love for members of those communities to be paired with an animal that will change their life. 

what WE


Our adoptions are a life-long companionship agreement. Our rescue is a life-long family. Paws that were once lost will join our rescue and never be forgotten again.

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