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Adoption Process & Fees



  1. Browse our adoptable dogs

  2. Submit an application (will take 10-15 minutes to complete)

  3. Wait 3-7 days for our volunteers to receive, review, and respond to your application. 

  4. If approved, we invite you to a meet and greet

  5. If the meet and greet goes well, we move forward with reference and home checks. 

  6. Once checks are completed and approved, we send the applicant the adoption contract and link(s) to pay fee. 

  7. Once contract and fee is received, we take a Happy Tails photo. 

  8. Records for all adoptions are sent within 72 hours of adoption. 


Adoption fees range per dog and are based on the age and breed of the dog. All fees include distemper/parvo vaccines (up to three), rabies vaccine (at 16 weeks), spay/neuter (at 16 weeks), microchip, flea/tick prevention, heart-worm prevention (dogs six months or older), and dewormer. Dewormer and flea/tick prevention is administered in rescue and at least one dose is sent home upon adoptions. Our fees range from:

  • $350 - $300 for dogs under 6 months of age

  • $275- $350 for dogs under 6 years of age

  • $125 - $250 for dogs 6 years and older

Adoption Policies



  1. Must be over the age of 18 years old AND be one of the main providers of the home. 

  2. Applicant's name must be listed on the leasing or tax documents of the home. 

  3. Priority adoption consideration is given to applicants within one hour drive of Tampa, FL OR Orlando, FL.

  4. Must consent to a home visit or consent to submitting home pictures/videos prior to adoption. 

  5. All members of the home must be okay with adopting a dog.

  6. We do not adopt out to Miami-Dade or surrounding counties. 

  7. Puppy applicants must be willing/able to provide around 20 years of support for the dog they are applying for. 

Please verify with the posting of the dog you are interested in with any other requirements as each dog might require more than our base policies.

Application Status



If you have submitted an adoption application and it has not been seven days, we ask that you please remain patient while we review your application. Our limited amount of volunteers receive numerous applications at a time and review each of them with a fine tooth comb. If you have submitted an adoption application and it has been seven days, please email us at for more information regarding the status of your application. 


If you have been denied, please first ensure that you are abiding by our adoption policies. Applicants not abiding by our adoption policies will result in an automatic denial. Next, please revisit the listing for the dog(s) you applied for. Each dog has different requirements and unless you are interested in another dog, if you do not meet these requirements you will be denied. If you still have questions regarding the denial of your application, please email us at 



First, it starts with an application! Once we receive your application, we will give you a call or text and connect with you on the type of animal that would best suit your needs. We then will pair you with an animal that is a good fit and supply you with all supplies necessary to care for the animal. Once we begin getting applications, we will scan them for a basic check list of needs for the animal. We will send you 3-5 applications and if you think they are god, you will contact the best applicant(s) for a meet and greet. You will then pick your top candidate and our admin team handles the rest! Our fosters are the VOICE of our rescued paws. 




We are always looking to have extra hands on deck to help our rescue run smoothly! Volunteering can include helping out at events, transporting dogs, picking up donations, being apart of our admin team, and so much more! If you are interested in volunteering, please take our volunteer survey. If you are interested in being apart of our admin team, please submit a team help application. Applications are approved/denied based on our current need for assistance! 





 Donations and adoption fees are the main source of income for the rescue. Both donations and adoption fees are tax deductible. Looking for a receipt? Contact us at within 14 days of donating or within the calendar year of adoption and we can provide you with receipt of contribution to our organization. 

Looking to donate? You can donate via Zelle, Paypal, or Venmo by searching

We now accept Crypto Currency as a form of donations, excluding adoption fees. 

Wanting to know where your donations are going? Click on our donations page for a break down! 


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