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  1. Where are you located? We are located in Zellwood, FL. We serve our animal communities all across central Florida. ​

  2. Do you approve adoptions/fosters everywhere? No, we only approve adoptions in central Florida and do not approve any out of state adoptions. All applicants must be within a two hour drive to Tampa, FL or Zellwood, FL. Some cities that we do not approve applicants for can include, but are not limited to, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Panama City, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and Naples. 

  3. What are the adoption fees? All of our adoption fees are tax deductible and depend on age. All adoption fees are breed, age, and health permitting. Unforgettable Paws reserves the right to change the adoption fees at any time. Below is our general adoption fees. Please contact us for an exact adoption fee for the animal you are interested in. 

    • $300 - $350 for puppies under 6 months of age​​

    • $200 - $275 for dogs 7 months to 7 years

    • $75 - $200 for dogs 7 years and older

    • $75 for all adult cats 

    • $100 for all cats under 6 months of age

  4. What is included in the adoption fee? All adoption fees include the spay/neuter, vaccinations, and microchipping of the animal you are adopting. Vaccinations include at least one booster and a 1 year rabies vaccine. Other vaccines may be administered at the discretion of the rescue. 

  5. What is the adoption process and how long does it take? Our adoption process begins with an application. Our admin team will receive, review, and respond to your application within 72 hours. We will then arrange a meet and greet if your application is approved. If you are the top applicant, we will then proceed to a home visit and reference check. After your home passes our visit and your references are verified, we will then begin the adoption finalization process which includes adoption contract, adoption fee, and exchange of medical records. Overall, this estimated process could be a matter of days or weeks depending on scheduling. 

  6. How do you chose the adopter? Well, we don't. Our philosophy is centered around the well being of our animals. These animals are intuitive and emotionally connected more than we probably even know. We allow the animal to chose their family. 

  7. How does fostering work? First, it starts with an application! Once we receive your application, we will give you a call or text and connect with you on the type of animal that would best suit your needs. We then will pair you with an animal that is a good fit and supply you with all supplies necessary to care for the animal. Once we begin getting applications, we will scan them for a basic check list of needs for the animal. We will send you 3-5 applications and if you think they are god, you will contact them for a meet and greet. You will then pick your top candidate and our admin team handles the rest! Our fosters are the VOICE of our rescued paws. 

  8. Why was my application denied? Your application could have been denied for many reasons, maybe your lifestyle indicated on the application was not compatible, maybe the dog you are interested in requires a fenced in yard, or maybe the cat you are interested isn't kid friendly. If you have any questions regarding your denial please email us at info@upanimalrescue.org